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Termógrafo Digital TempTale4
  • Termógrafo Digital TempTale4
  • Termógrafo Digital TempTale4

Comet R0110E Temperature Recorder

Designed for the recording of temperature. The readings are stored in an unchangeable internal memory. The transfer of data to a computer for later analysis can be achieved using a USB, RS232, GSM or Ethernet through an appropriate optional adaptor.


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  • Includes a traceable calibration certificate from the fabricant - Comet
  • Rapid transfer of data to PC
  • Multiple possibilities of connection to the computer; USB, RS232 (series), Ethernet, modem GSM
  • Permanent active connection to PC, the data can be downloaded even during the reading process, large quantity of memory space, up to 32,000 readings.
  • Optional screen with the values of minimum and maximum temperatures reached.
  • If the alarm has been activated due to measurements of min/max temperatures, this will be indicated by the flashing of a LED diode situated in the front part.
  • Robust water-tight casing
  • Easy to install, activated block.
  • Low energy consumption battery, up to 7 years of autonomy.
  • Indicator of remaining battery life, easy to replace.
  • Sensor of standard temperature Pt1000/3850ppm changeable to Ni1000/6180ppm, external probes of -50 up to +150 ° C
  • Possible to combine the Reading of temperature with the supervisión of a contact (for example a door)
  • The start / stop readings are activated in many ways: in date and time, programmed from the computer or a magnetic key.
  • Possibility of automatically activating the reading of data, when the min or max alarms are activated.
  • This thermograph can register 32,000 points of measurement.
  • Protection activated by password to avoid the manipulation of the device by non- authorised persons.
    • the range of Comet series S and R allow the download of readings to an android smartphone, connecting the Comet USB base to the telephone via USB. And thanks to the free application Comet Downloader for Android data can be uploaded directly to Dropbox( It is likely you may need a USB to microUSB adaptor for connection to the telephone.)


  • In the transport of food or pharmaceutical products.
  • Food and drink industry (HACCP)
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Blood stations, pharmacies and hospitals.
  • Horticulture and cultivation of plants
  • HVAC (Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning and cooling systems)
  • Construction and energy management
  • Research and development
  • Laboratories (BPL)
  • Storage areas and warehouses
  • Technological processes
  • Museums, archive storage and art galleries


  • Registrar recorder of data with battery included.
  • Traceable calibration certificate with declaration of metrological traceability, based on the requirements of the standard EN ISO / IEC 17025.
  • Quick-start Manual
  • Free software for the downloading and measurement for Comet thermographs

Data sheet

Rango de temperatura
-30 ºC a + 70 ºC.
Capacidad de memoria
32.000 lecturas
±0.6°C por debajo de +30°C y ±0.8°C por encima de +30°C
0.1 ºC en todo el rango de temperatura
Intervalo de medida
ajustable desde 10 segundos hasta 24h.
Opciones de arranque
en fecha y hora programada desde el ordenador o manualmente a través de la llave de imán
Función de alarma
Límites altos y bajos programables La alarma se activa cuando excede los límites
Envolvente resistente al agua
Battery life
hasta 7 años, 1 año en modo continuo a intervalos de registro de 10 segundos.
aproximadamente 100 g
Certificación de calidad
Marcado CE por TÜV, trazabilidad por NIST
Versiones disponibles
no cíclico - el registro de datos se detiene después de llenar la memoria.cíclica - después de llenar los datos más antiguos de la memoria se sobrescribe nuevo
Estándar IP67 - protegido contra la influencia de la inmersión temporal en agua
Fuente de alimentación
Batería de litio 3,6 V, tamaño AA

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