Nowadays Fresh produce comes from any part of the world, examples being flowers cut inColumbiaor prawns fromThailand. For this very reason, an integrated supervision of the “Cold Chain” needs to meet certain standards that are getting more demanding each day, with the goal to insure effective solutions that can satisfy the demands of the buyer and to optimise the profit margin for all implicated parties. 

Among the challenges that demand critical solutions  in the food industry appear; the exact fulfillment of delivery deadlines , organisation of storage, reduction in quantity of defective merchandise and a transparency during storage and movement. 

To what extent do the suppliers contribute?

What expectations do logistic and/or transport companies need to fulfil?

With respect to the integral supervision of the “cold chain”, obviously, the control of temperature holds an important key. Precise, reliable and easy to use methods are called for, to demonstrate that the products have been stored and transported at the correct temperature.


Thermographs offer a more than sufficient capacity to insure the temperature and real time even in long periods of delivery.


The presence of the temperature sensor allows that the recorders of data react even with the smallest of fluctuations of temperature. The integrated alarm function directly alerts the receiver of the merchandise.


In less than five seconds the complete measurement data can be read, to achieve a more detailed evaluation.





It is evident that the first link in the “cold chain” consists of agricultural exploitations.


In recent years these sectors have been characterised with a marked progress, especially motivated by the acceleration of more efficient crop harvest and storage techniques.


Presently, water refrigeration systems and refrigeration silos reach constant temperatures, avoiding in this way that the products suffer any temperature oscillations that typically would have been felt during the collection time in the warehouse.


Furthermore, thermographs, or “dataloggers”, offer both providers and clients a reasonably priced, effective way of validating the temperetures during storage, process and transport.


Pharmaceutical Products



Due to the growing world propagation of viral sicknesses, the rapid and direct distribution of vaccines takes a special importance. Many of these vaccines are temperature sensitive and can lose effectiveness if, during storage or transport, they are exposed to temperature oscillations beyond the margin of the predetermined value limits.


The loss of effectiveness of the vaccine, caused by heat or cold, cannot be rectified through correct posterior storage. We can also add that, in the majority of cases, the exterior appearance of the spoilt vaccine shows no change.


How, then, can the receiver guarantee the effectiveness of the vaccine?

The answer can be found in “Thermographs”. If a register of data is included in the packaging along with the vaccine, the receiver can then consult the complete record of measurements with dates and time to insure that the vaccine has not lost effectiveness.


The size and weight of the register contributes to guaranteeing the maximum space possible in the transport container.


The limits used to establish alarm warnings can easily be adapted to different types of vaccine and the register will show through a red LED when the limits have been breached.


This is of special importance when the vaccines have been sent to a third world country where there is no access to computers, and a suitable method of measurement is unavailable.





For a time now, hospitals and clinics in Europe andUSAare aware that a record of temperature during the transport and storage of blood, plasma and donated organs is essential.


Simple to use, and with help from software, “dataloggers” or temperature recorders can be configured quickly and easily. Among other things, we can establish the interval of time of measurement, and the alarm limits. Reusable thermographs can save the data of each journey separately.


Instantaneous consultation of data upon reception. Thermographs can alert the user in two ways.

On the one hand, the user is alerted by the flashing LED light (in LogTag models) which is activated during the measurement process when the values exceed the predetermined limits.

 On the other hand the registered measurement values can be consulted in a matter of seconds on a computer, on which there can be almost instant feedback and readings.

Stylish design. the casing has a similar size to a business card and can perfectly be placed inside the bags containing the blood.

Well- priced.  The devices offered by Templyzer are the best value for money on the market.





Registrars of temperatures and registrars of temperature/ humidity, are the ideal help for checking and searching for defects in the installation of heating or ventilation systems.


A number of dataloggers turn out to be cheaper than one conventional datalogger with various channels, and they can be configured in a fraction of a second.


The external or integrated sensor allows for quick reaction time. Measurement values can be made up in a question of seconds in a measurement protocol and can be organised as if they have come from one single device.


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