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Termógrafo Digital TempTale4
  • Termógrafo Digital TempTale4
  • Termógrafo Digital TempTale4
  • Termógrafo Digital TempTale4

LogTag HAXO-8 Temperature Humidity Recorder

All the applications in which , in addition to temperature, the relative humidity must be measured.

  • Margin of temperature-40°C… +85°C
  • Margin of humidity 0 … 100%
  • Precision up to ±0,5°C/ <±3%rF
  • 8.000 points of measurement
  • Minimum interval of measurement of 30 seconds.
  • Batterylife of up to 3 years.

Volume discounts

Quantity Discount PVP/Unidad Total Se Ahorra
5 15% 84,15 € 495,00 € 74,25 €
10 20% 79,20 € 990,00 € 198,00 €
15 23% 76,23 € 1485,00 € 341,55 €
20 25% 74,25 € 1980,00 € 495,00 €
25 30% 69,30 € 2475,00 € 742,50 €

The registrar of temperature and relative humidity HAXO-8 is the ideal aid in the registering and  searching for faults in, for example, heating systems and ventilation systems.


Having various registers is cheaper than one register with various channels, and can be configured in an instant.


The integrated sensor allows for rapid reaction and the values of measurement can be set up in a measurement protocol in a matter of seconds and then organised as if they all had come from one single instrument.


The datalogger contains 2 internal sensors, a sensor that works at a temperature of between40°C~ +85°C. and another one which measures the relative humidity from 0-100%. The sensor is very precise and provides a rapid reaction in times of change.

The LogTag HAXO-8 includes 2 LEDs to indicate the state of the datalogger (LED OK and Alarm LED) and a button to start recording. The registry recording can be started with the button or programmed with a delay.

Allows the recording of up to 8032 samples and the frequency of sampling can be configured from 30 seconds up.


To configure and download data it is necessary to use an interface which is not included. It consists of a base that can be attached to the datalogger, it is connected to the computer via USB cable.


The software allows for visualisation of data graphically to analyse data. It also allows exporting of data so that they can be used with other tools, for example Microsoft Excel


Compatible with Windows operating systems.


Outstanding Aspects:

  • Unbeatable value for money.
  • Size of a credit card.
  • Large memory capacity for 8,000 measurements.
  • Reliable and long-lasting.
  • Normal life of battery 2 to 3 years.
  • Complete download of data in a few seconds.
  • Alarm LED; flashes when preselected sectors are breached.
  • Very potent software which can be downloaded for free.
  • Automatic loading of data to a central FTP server.
  • Individual series number allows for individual calibration.
  • Start up of measuring through a selection of software or directly in the recorder.
  • Marker function; pressing the key the user can establish a time marker in the data memory.

FREE USB connection base for orders of over 15 units of this product.


Data sheet

Rango de temperatura
-40 ºC a +85 ºC.
Capacidad de memoria
8.000 lecturas
±0.5ºC de -6.5 ºC a 6.5 ºC
0.1 ºC en todo el rango de temperatura
Intervalo de medida
mínimo de 30 segundos
Función de alarma
Límites altos y bajos programables La alarma se activa cuando excede los límites
Battery life
de 2 a 3 años en condiciones normales
86mm(H) x 54.5mm(W) x 8.6mm(T)
35 gramos / Policarbonato
Certificación de calidad
Certificado de Calibración serializado, UNE12830, CE y RoHS
Rango de humedad
10% a 100% RH
Precisión de humedad
+/- 4% de 10 a 90% HR +/-5% de 90 a 100% HR
Resolución de humedad realtiva
0.4% desde 10% hasta el 100%
Tiempo de descarga
Por lo general con una memoria completa en menos de 5 segundos
Estandar IP61
Fuente de alimentación
Batería de 3V de litio - reemplazable por un técnico cualificado


Certificado UNE-12830

Certificado UNE-12830

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