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Termógrafo Digital LogTag SRIC-4 (um só uso)
  • Termógrafo Digital LogTag SRIC-4 (um só uso)
  • Termógrafo Digital LogTag SRIC-4 (um só uso)

Termografo USB Tempmate S1 (um só uso)

• Generate a report in PDF without the need to install any software

• USB port incorporated, no cables or readers necessary to download reading records

• Smaller in size than a credit card, IP67 resistant to water and food sources

• Low-Cost and easy to use

• Includes serialised calibration certificate. Complies to UNE12830 regulation


Desconto de quantidade

Quantidade Desconto PVP/Unidad Total Se Ahorra
20 15% 18,70 € 440,00 € 66,00 €
40 20% 17,60 € 880,00 € 176,00 €
60 23% 16,94 € 1320,00 € 303,60 €
80 25% 16,50 € 1760,00 € 440,00 €
100 30% 15,40 € 2200,00 € 660,00 €

A quantidade mínima de encomenda deste produto é 5.

Tempmate is a thermograph or registrar designed for one use. It has a built-in USB and can generate a report in PDF, ideal for monitoring temperature for dispatches of merchandise which is sensitive in the “Cold Chain”.


This device is disposable, it requires no software or additional hardware to start the recording of temperature readings, or for the download of the generated PDF.


The datalogger is supplied preconfigurated from the factory with a maximum duration of journey of 90 days. It gives readings each 10 minutes. If you need a different configuration of days of use, or would like to incorporate specific alarms, let us know and we can tailor make your desired configuration without any additional cost. The minimum order for a personalised configuration is 100 units.


It is easy to use, simply press the “on” button and position the reader with the merchandise. Once arriving at the end of journey, press the same button to stop the reading. Break the plastic covering which protects the USB port, connect to a computer and the PDF will show.


The generated PDF contains the complete information re the following conditions: Number of series of the thermograph, complete data graph, statistical information: Max, Min, Average, MKT, accumulated time, outside limits and each of the measurements in the decided time frequency. Below you can find a link to download an example of such a report.


What is the time that is shown on the PDF?

Tempmate thermographs have an integrated Real Time Clock (RTC), that is adjusted in the factory to time GMT. This implies that the date and the time that appears on the PDF report is based on GMT time and 24 hour clock [MM / DD / YY HH: MM : SS]


Is the PDF report protected against manipulation?

As with any electronic document, a PDF can be manipulated. However, even after downloading and analising data, the original data remains stored on the Tempmate thermogaph, to be downloaded again and to be compared with the PDF file in question. For this reason it is important to conserve the reader.


Why can’t I open the PDF report?

You need Adobe Acrobat version 9.0 or superior to correctly open the PDF file. If you have a previous version already installed on your PC, you should update at es/products/reader.html


What analysis appears on the PDF report?

The temperature is shown on a graph and on a table, with the date and time of the individual readings. Furthermore, other details also appear such as the serial number of the thermograph.


Does it include a certificate of calibration?

Yes, in each thermograph you will receive a serialised certificate.


How long can the Tempmate be stored?

Each reader has a litium battery, with a battery life of at least one year.

Ficha informativa

Rango de temperatura
de -30°C a +70°C
Capacidad de memoria
12.960 lecturas
Precisión de temperatura
Resolución de temperatura
0.1 ºC en todo el rango de temperatura
80mm L x 47mm W x 4mm H
Certificación de calidad
Certificado de Calibración serializado, UNE12830, CE y RoHS
Precinto de seguridad
Precinto de fábrica
IP67 y NEMA6 resistente al agua
Fuente de alimentación
Bateria 3V de Litio. 1 año de autonomía
Generación automática de informes en PDF
Funcionamiento para un máximo de 110 días con registros a intervalos de 10 minutos
Conexión al PC
a través del conector USB integrado

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