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USB Connection Base LogTag Wifi

The LTI-WiFi connection base is used to download data from LogTag dataloggers without access to a computer and installed software.


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Downloaded data is fully encrypted and automatically uploaded to a secure server, LogTag Online.

If the WiFi network is temporarily unavailable, downloaded data is stored in the LTI-WiFi’s buffer memory.

Uses drivers from Windows OS so no need to install proprietary drivers.

The new wireless interface LTI-WiFi is a high-speed 802.11/b/g/n compatible device that connects to your WiFi network and can establish a connection to external server software via the TCP/IP protocol.

The LTI-WiFi is compatible with all standard LogTag recording products having 3 silver contact pins in the lower rear case.

The LTI-WiFi uses the proven and reliable spring contact arrangement taken from the LTI/USB. The LTI-WiFi incorporates a micro USB socket for connection to a computer.

Two indicators at the top (red & green) and the network LED (blue), identify what actions the interface is currently performing.

Attaching the LTI-WiFi to a power bank creates a portable data access point that will work anywhere with WiFi coverage.

With WiFi access disabled, the LTI-WiFi can be connected to a computer and used as a conventional (LTI-USB) interface.


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